How to organize a successful corporate event?

evento corporativo quito

It is a great milestone to organize a corporate event, especially if it is the first time the company is organizing this type of activities.  It does not matter the size of the event, what really counts are the details that you had considered to make a “one of a kind” event for all the guests.

To organize a breakthrough event it is important to keep in mind the following tips:

What is your goal with the event?

It is very important to define the purpose of the event before planning it.  The goals can be:

  • Define the campaigns for the future
  • Motivate the staff
  • Launch of a new product
  • Awards for accomplished goals
  • Company anniversary
  • Results review
  • Team building activities

Event planning

It is very important to establish since the very beginning the date of the event, time, theme, technological equipment required and the catering service.  It is also important to determine if the event will be planned by an external supplier or if the internal staff will be in charge.

How big will be the event?

To know how many guests will have the event, it is the base of the whole activity.  Also, knowing to the detail your public will help to personalize the requirements of them.  This points being considered will make a really pleasant experience for the participants.


This is a key part for the event planning.  The budget help us to set guidelines on the expenses for the event, based on this we can define the size of the activity.

When planning the budget it is important to consider the following points:

  • Assigned budget: the total amount of money assigned and approved for the event.
  • Fixed costs: The amount of money required for the event despite the amount of guests.
  • Unexpected costs: There are always the surprise factor, that is why it is important to have a saved amount of the budget.

The venue

Knowing details of goal of the event, amount of guests and information like that it is the moment to determine where to organize the event.   For that, it is important to know:

  1. The operation hours of the location.
  2. Ask if there are space for outdoor activities.
  3. How friendly is to get to the place? considering that not everyone has a car.
  4. Is there parking lot?

Rincon de Puembo has a variety of all-purpose halls, totally equipped for visual presentations so your event can be a complete success.

To do list

In order to avoid missing details, is highly recommended to prepare a to-do list so you don´t miss a thing and everything runs smoothly when the event starts.  Also it is important to delegate some activities to the organization team.

Remember that the event must accomplish the goal so all the guest can enjoy of a unique experience.  Do not forget that you can count with the support of a corporate  event planning professionals at Rincon de Puembo.

Please contact us and let us know how can we serve you on the planning of your corporate event.

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