Different kinds of corporate events

Speaking of entrepreneurial activities, corporate events can be used in a variety of ways.

Even Though there a great variety of corporate events, all of them have something in common:  Reach established objectives that are translate into business.

This objectives can be:

  • Launching a new product
  • Staff motivation
  • Close business deals
  • New customer approach
  • Commercial planning
  • Social celebrations

Lets take a look to the different events you can organize as a company:


These events are meant to be informative and educative.  They are for employees and usually they are organized for a small group.

The topics in seminars are frequently about new methods at work, new technology tools, define new objectives and others.


These events are organized for a bigger group of people and they are focus in specific niche markets.  Usually foreigners or specialized speakers are hired   and the event is geared towards external clients.

Launching new products

If there is a new product that you want to present to the market, it must have a launching event. You know, first impression counts!

This event must focus in exhibit your new product or service; launching event is usually for small groups and it depends on the venue and the objective, but an important tip is that you must have the media as your principal guest.

Here you can show the all the benefits of the product or service, and how can serve the customer.  Sometimes it is good to have the new product available for sales.

Board of directors

These events are specifically for top management.  During these meetings strategic planning is aligned, established objectives for the company.  Given the confidentiality of the meeting, they are organized outside of the company.

Team Building

This is another kind of corporate events, a bit different from the others.  Team building activities are meant to motivate the staff and promote team work.  You can find out more about these activities by clicking

Social Celebrations

Parties are organized with an objective, anniversaries and sometimes birthdays.  They take place in hotels that count with pools, halls and others.

Now you know more about corporate events, find out about our installations and services.  Feel free to ask for a quotation for your next event.

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