What is a “must – have” in a wedding venue?

How much space you need, the catering, the details and others are part of the priority list that the bride and groom must consider.

Given the importance of the venue for the big day, we have created this blog in order to help you with the characteristics you must look for:


The ideal place must count on a variety of lounges and outdoor space.  This can help to have a different moments during the celebration, starting with the welcoming to the guests thought the pictures until you get to the great dancing moment with all the people you invited.

The venue must have tents or places where the guests can go in case of rain.  If the venue is located in Quito, consider that the weather is really unpredictable so keep this in mind specially if you are thinking on a outdoor wedding.

Another important points to consider are:

  • Enough parking spaces for the guests
  • If the venue has a chapel included in case you want to celebrate both parts of the celebration in the same place.
  • If the venue has enough space for all the guests including family and friends.
boda en quito

Site exclusivity

In some cases the venue has different lounges that are reserved for other celebrations, that is very common, but in case you want to have the venue just for you and your guests, it is very important to reserve the date with enough anticipation to find a spot, especially if it is your favorite option.


There are a lot of people that agree with the fact that experience is a very important matter.  It is important for you to do a research about the comments and testimonials of the people who has organized an event in that particular place.

Do not forget to ask for references of prior weddings or events; in that way you can have a much better idea of the capacity and experience of that particular venue


This is a very personal choice fact, but based on experience let us recommend you outside of town places,  sometimes places downtown are quite crowded or have traffic jam troubles.

Do not forget to consider all the access to the venue, it is important to have alternative routes so the guests can easily travel along.  Besides consider that some guest might be traveling from outside of the city or country, so if the venue counts with a place to spend the night with all the facilities, could add a plus to that place.

What is included in the venue?

Of course some venues include decoration, waiters, tables, chairs and more, and of course having all in one place is perfect for the organization, makes it smoother to

know what you have and what is pending to look for.

If you are looking for a place where to celebrate your wedding, we can offer you our hotel Rincon de Puembo; there you can count with all the advantages of an ideal place for your dreamt wedding, with all the amazing spaces, experienced staff and the best quality services.

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