Weddings 2020: Coronavirus guide


The current coronavirus situation has drastically changed the celebration and organization of weddings. However, the excitement of wearing the wedding dress and the groom’s suit still alive, as well as wanting to share with all your relatives and loved ones the happiest day of your life. 

For that reason, we have decided to make this guide to help you answer all the questions you must have regarding your wedding. We want to leave some steps to follow to keep planning your wedding. This guide seeks to direct your towards the best decision to make. 

What to do now? 

There are many factors to consider before deciding what to do with the planning and celebration of the wedding, mainly the safety measures you will need to take given our new reality. 

Trough the research we have been making, we found out that new wedding styles and trends are turning up due to coronavirus. Here are some of the alternatives to celebrate your wedding: 

  1. Minimonies: these small ceremonies have been taking place during the pandemic, for most of the couples is about celebrating the wedding at home virtually accompanied by their loved ones. 
  2. Wedding using schedules: you could stay with what you already planned, but you can’t have all your guests at the same time in one place so, they should be scheduled. 
  3. Multiple weddings: same concept of the last one but you can celebrate for days, maybe a weekend where family and friends get scheduled to celebrate with the newly wed couple. 
  4. Micro Weddings: this one is about making a smaller wedding, reduce your guests number and having the chance to invest in better provider options. 

These are some of the options that couples are considering around the world, you can check them out and make a decision. 

Can I continue on planning my wedding? 

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If your wedding is planned to happen in the summer or winter of 2020, our advice is that you keep it that way. Here are the reasons to think that way: 

  • Keep the excitement: You should think that it is not the same to delay everything a couple of weeks than a whole year. Emotionally it is a lot to change the date to the next year. Moreover, there was a reason 2020 was the year, why let it go? 
  • Providers’s conditions maintain: In most cases, not changing the date maintains the conditions of the contract. Deal with your providers and get an agreement, postpone the wedding a couple of weeks won’t imply extra expenses.
  • Wedding trends: We know that if you were already planning your wedding, you may have explored some trends to make decisions, for example: decoration, dress, colours, venue. You don’t want to change everything if you postpone the wedding.

For these and more, the answer is YES, you should keep planning your wedding. No doubt there are a los of elements to take into account and change for the big day, but the good news are that this moment is yours and you can make whatever you want with it. 

Whilst thing improve you can overtake some of the things you need to do and be thankful for the chance of doing everything with a click. 

For example, you can have created the invites, you don’t need to meet with anyone just send your request. You can also make the most of the time talking with the photographer and give him/her some ideas for your wedding pictures. Additionally you can choose your DJ or music band for the wedding day. 

Do you have a Wedding Planner? If the answer is no, don’t you think there’s no better time to hire one? Wedding Planners will make your life easier and will give you more possibilities so everything can go smoothly. 

Reschedule your wedding

What happens if I already hired a photographer? The wedding is in an open space, what if we have to postpone it ti winter? What if we already have the reception? All the answers to these questions you will find them talking to your providers or your Wedding Planner. 

The most important thing here is: take it slow. We understand that this is a situation that no one could take into account, but there’s always a solution. First of all, notify your guests about the change of date (if you already have it) or leave the option open. 

These last month we’ve seen changes on the curve of the pandemic, more options are opening to go out. However, social events need to take precautions that you need to consider. 

Weddings after the coronavirus

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Guests distribution is the main factor to consider from now on, make sure social distancing is your main focus. For example, ceremonies should be shorter and have enough space to stand apart from each other. 

At the reception you must choose a traditional food service, to the table. And regarding to the party, the best thing to do is create different areas where it depends entirely on your guests to keep the distance while enjoying. 

In any case, open spaces will have more demand as distribution can be easily solved. 

Hygiene and disinfection are vital, you can adapt these in a creative way to your wedding. Give away small bottles of alcohol gel to your guests so it goes with the decoration. You can even personalise masks to use in the moments social distancing is hard to accomplish. 

Your wedding will be unforgettable in every way, be always open to adapt and make the most of the moment. Everything is possible if you do it out of love. 

If you must change the date, we’ll do it. If you need to move the wedding, we’ll do it as well. Uncertainties will pass and better days will come, where we will celebrate everything we need to celebrate.  

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