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A wedding represents joining your life with the other person, and the planning stage should be a reason for union and strengthening your relationship, where you can find the perfect balance to create a wedding dream.

Nowadays it is less common to have traditional weddings in order to avoid repeating. Thus, the bride and groom have begun to consider the use of themes at weddings, and this is what we want to tell you next, to help with some ideas so that we can have that unique wedding that you always dreamed of.

We have chosen three different themes that can be adjusted to all tastes and that can always give their own touch, in each one we have put forward some suggestions to achieve a personalized and perfect wedding.


Although this style was adapted to the nuptial sphere recently, the vintage has been conquering the heart of a large majority of brides and grooms. The vintage concept is a way to revalue the old.

boda vintage

Place & Decoration

The best place you can choose for your vintage wedding is country places. That is, outdoor area, wide, with green areas, trees, and flowers. Old houses or places far from the city can also work.

For decoration, flowers are an essential vintage element, they can combine with the bride’s dress. They should be placed on tables, on the altar, on ceilings, and so on.

In this theme, pastel shades are recommended to create a fresh, romantic and dreamy feeling. A chromatic order has to be fulfilled, with colors such as beige and sand mainly, also lilac, purple, yellow and white.

If possible, make it all wood, so that it blends perfectly with the environment. Use objects such as candles, lanterns, vintage-style pennants, old suitcases, tea sets, old photo frames.


Remember, pastel and faint colors. Shades that are too vibrant are not vintage. You can also add flowers to your invitations, roses are a very prominent feature of this trend since they give that outdated feeling but with a certain charm, that enhances the old.

Materials such as lace and silk ties or laces are elements that can help keep the cards closed if needed, or they will be a striking complement.

The typography of the letters in an italic style may include as part of the invitation; stamps or photographs with a worn appearance.


Vintage wedding dresses are in fashion. They have that melancholic air so unique that it envelops them and makes them a safe bet. They are characterized by being lace and tulle, which is complemented by some bronze or steel brocade.

The vintage dresses are characterized by their discreet designs, they are tight fitting to the body and with fall, thanks to a fluid and slightly bulky skirt. The straps and sleeves are protagonists, always accompanied by a low-risk neckline.

You can add an accessory that maintains that wedding tradition, a blue, antique object or that is your mother’s heritage.

The bridal bouquet should look natural, with small flowers and wild varieties in soft tones, the result will be a magnificent old look.

Food & Cake 

The vintage wedding menu must be consistent with the entire theme of the wedding. The basic and fundamental thing is to lean towards a type of traditional food, fleeing from innovative or fusion food.

The current trend of vintage weddings is to opt for a buffet meal. It consists of offering several food options and the guests must get up to choose what they are going to eat.

For a vintage wedding cake, you can imitate the lace design of your dress, the cake can carry natural cascading flowers or sugar flowers in pink, lilac, green or soft beige.


Rustic weddings are perfect for couples who love the outdoors and natural elements to create a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

boda rústica

Place & Decoration

The perfect space for a rustic-themed wedding is the outdoors, it can be the beach or the forest, the countryside, farms, fifths or large grounds also work.

For a rustic wedding a schedule where the sun can still illuminate the space, the reddish sunset will generate a serene and conducive atmosphere for the party.

As base elements in the decoration, we have fresh leaves, natural flowers, wood, glass, candles, and ceramics. Combined with each other you can achieve the balance between nature and the handmade.

An interesting element can be the wooden signs with calligraphy and adorned with flowers that are placed in any corner of the party. For rustic centerpieces, floral details combined with wood or glass are needed, the simpler the better.


A component of the rustic style is the craft, that is if you have craft skills you could make your invitations yourself. However, they can also help you by doing them.

For this wedding theme, the invitations should have that ecological tone, using the color palette you have chosen for your wedding you can combine it with a cardboard paper or earth tones.


The proposal is that with your dress you can join what the decoration and the place express, the love for the countryside. Fabrics that adapt to the place are recommended; natural cotton, natural silks, which are not thick or stoned.

The lace has become the most popular of a rustic wedding, cotton lace is used, thick, rustic, in large flowers, which help to acquire a slightly more informal touch.

The idea is that the bride transmits freshness and tranquility; dresses with a cut at the waist and light skirts are a perfect choice. For an outdoor wedding, it is an excellent decision to wear loose and light dresses that facilitate mobility.

Food & Cake

The rustic or country wedding menu opens the doors to all kitchens and flavors, but without the rigor in the presentation. You choose organic menus or national dishes and Creole food, even in snacks.

The menu can be served at the table or in a buffet, although they have also decided to grill or BBQ style menu.

For the cake, a trend that is becoming popular in rustic weddings is naked cakes or naked cakes. These cakes have no coverage and thus combine with the rest of the style.

Fairy tale

Becoming a princess on the wedding day is a wish of many brides. It is the decision of the bride and groom if they want a wedding in pure Disney style or something less concrete, the theme, in general, is inspired by the romanticism of fairy tales and should reflect that magic.

boda de cuento de hadas

Place & Decoration

The place is an essential decision in a fairytale wedding, for this theme you can choose a large hall or an outdoor place that is easy to set.

For decoration, flowers can not be missing, chandeliers, candles, candlesticks, it is important to create that magical atmosphere. In this case, the colors white, pink and gold or copper are prioritized, in addition to the green of the vegetation.

If you already have nature on your side, remember that many fairy tales happen in enchanted forests, you can add this to your decoration. Also, garlands of light around the trees to favor lighting without losing style.


The invitations should vary according to the theme you have chosen. For example, there are weddings inspired by Disney stories and invitations should have the chosen story. Princesses, princes, and magic are part of this style.

Unlike the two previous themes, in this wedding theme, the invitations are usually very elaborate, the details matter. The colors you have chosen for the wedding can be strong or pastel, but the invitations should include enough gold or copper.


For the dress of the bride, as well as decoration and invitations, magic is the main element. As if out of a dream, the dress should be inspired by a story of princesses that run in heels or fairies that run barefoot, it is up to you.

Princess dresses tend to have steamy silhouettes, little relaxed volumes, and pretty tulle. While fairies use more relaxed volumes, some touches of lace and some tulle.

Dresses bell or mermaid cut are the favorites of the fairytale brides. And a fundamental detail will be the embroideries on the skirts of the dresses. It is also necessary to consider a perfect accessory, the tiara or the crown, will add the touch of royalty.

Food & Cake

The banquet is another point that must be taken care of, to offer a menu on the theme we must bet on a film feast. We must maintain elegance and contribute with the touch of magic.

Definitely the buffet is not an option in a fairy tale, so better if you choose the service at the table.

The wedding cake should be an online fairytale creation, the decoration of the cake will depend on the theme chosen, but anyway you have to wear those golden touches.

These wedding themes are taking hold today, although the fairy tale is part of the tradition they can always personalize and modernize it. The place, the decoration, the look of the bride and the banquet are elements that have to be planned in the best way.

We hope that these ideas have inspired you to create the wedding of your dreams and that it will be an unforgettable day for the couple and their loved ones.

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