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elegir la fecha de la boda

One of the memorable moments of your life, your wedding. A special event, in which you hope everything goes as perfect and smooth as possible, as it is the beginning of new time with the person you love. 

To choose your wedding date is one of the most important things to consider. A day that you will always celebrate, on your wedding anniversary. There are also determining factors to decide, such as the season of the year, the availability of the room, the agenda of the guests who live outside, enough budget, among others. You may want to read about the Final Details for a perfect wedding.

In Roman tradition, it was believed that the goddess Juno rewarded with eternal love for couples who married in the month of June in her honor. For some cultures, the choice of marriage day is marked by the stars or tradition and if it is in your plans to get married in 2020, you can also consider, the days that generate more positive energy for good luck, according to your zodiac sign or Feng Shui.

Faulkner, an astrologer, on February 20, 2020 (02/20/2020), it will be a special day, full of good energies. Numerology indicates that the number two represents empathy, cooperation, and consideration for others. It is a symbol of balance and union. Also, by adding the digits of that date the result is number eight, which by its form is linked to infinity. The number eight represents fairness and justice.  Despite being a weekday, it may be a good option for your civil marriage, because February 20 of next year is a Thursday.

Although February 20 is an exact date, several astrologers indicate that the entire year 2020 will be a perfect year to face great commitments, such as marriage. Similarly, you can consider other aspects such as Feng Shui. Applying the advice provided by this technique of oriental tradition can help your marriage to be successful. Use this ancient art to choose the appropriate wedding date. The right choice will protect us from bad influences and improve married life.

For Feng Shui, the numbers related to eight and nine are the most propitious days for marriage, since the number eight is a representation of love, while the number nine represents eternity. That is, they are conducive to joining in marriage, every day that ends with these numbers; 18, 19, 29, 28.

Best dates to your wedding according to your zodiac sign

  • Aries: he is one of the most organized people there is, he likes to have everything well planned, his ideal month is September without too many temperatures. 
  • Taurus: everything revolves around love, it is a sign that is delivered completely. Your ideal time to get married will be in the spring months, that is, from March to June. 
  • Gemini: your ideal month is June because it is the month that reminds you of the best moments of your life
  • Cancer: willing to give everything for true love. Your ideal time to get married is in summer (July and August). 
  • Leo: This sign is getting married as soon as you meet the person who will occupy your heart. It is very impulsive and direct, the ideal month will be August. 
  • Virgo: Romanticism floods your life. The ideal date is October, without too much stress
  • Libra: siempre va junto al amor. Para poder tener la boda que quiere debe disponer de buen tiempo, así que julio es el mes ideal para este signo.
  • Escorpio: se enamora de inmediato. La mejor fecha para su matrimonio es la que coincida con la de su cumpleaños.
  • Sagitario: el compromiso no es una de las necesidades. Buscará una fecha especial que recuerde siempre, el día que conoció a la persona indicada será una buena opción.
  • Capricorn: at your wedding, you will like the best and you will always have the most luxurious, nothing better than the month of May. 
  • Pisces: he will pay homage to love by marrying on Valentine’s Day.

Select a quiet and not very popular month. Thus, it will be easier to make reservations for the ceremony and reception, because there will not be much demand for the right places for your marriage.  

The most common day for a wedding is Saturday, so choose a few months before, providers such as photographer, wedding planner and the music group that recommended you. In the same way, the list of guests, according to the availability of the agenda of the majority, will not want the missing people to appreciate it. Learn more about Why hiring a wedding planner is an excellent idea?

We hope this guide will help you choose the best date for your marriage and that most guests attend your wedding! You may want to read about How to plan your wedding in the best way possible? (+ Monthly guide of what to do). Choosing a good date for your marriage will depend on many factors. Remember that the most powerful energy of the whole celebration lies in the emotions, feelings and thoughts, both of the guests and family, and of the bride and groom

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