The best wedding dresses: how to choose yours?

It’s time for the wedding, date set, location chosen, but… What dress will you wear?!

The moment when brides begin to look for the dress, the doubts show up: “long or short deress, with or without veil, what type of dress combines best”… but don’t worry, this blog was created to help you with this concern that doesn’t let you sleep.

Wedding dress styles

Styles, designs, color, there are many… So we’ve prepared the ones that are trending.

  • Linear: They are tight from the bust to the waist, and from there the skirt goes getting a wider and wider fall. It fits perfectly in triangle-type silhouettes (below we tell you more) for all kinds of girls.
  • Empress: This is characterized by a short waist, without strips that ends right in the bust, to give rise to the fall of the skirt almost at the end of the bust, above the navel. Ideal dress for thin brides and with little bust, the extent of the dress is a matter of taste.
  • Wrapped: Tube-type dress that are perfect to favor women with well-formed curves and especially tall women, if you’re not, and you want to gain a few inches this dress is the ideal option.
  • Vintage dress: The vintage boom continues, but if there’s something that stands out about vintage style, wedding dresses are the answr. In 2017 the 50’s vintage wedding dresses were really fashionable. In 2018 were the 60’s dresses, but for 2019 the trend are the 20’s vintage style!. These stand out for their design in the waist, neck and for its breadth in the skirt

Dress that combine with my shape

Female bodies can be classified according to its shape, and according to it certain types of dresses can combine better. I tell you more here

  • Triangle: These are women with a body type with shoulders narrower than the hips, usually with small breasts and medium or large waist. 20% of women in the world have this figure.
  • Inverted triangle: Women with figures opposite to the previous point, that is, shoulders wider than the hip. They are usually athletic people without many curves. 12% of women in the world have this body
  • Double triangle: This figure is characterized by being a balance between the upper part of the body and the lower part. It is the famous figure 90-60-90 but it is the body with less representation only 8%.
  • Rectangle: This type of female shape,  characterizes for having the waist and shoulders to the same width, little curves and straightness in the front and back. It represents the most common body in the world with 46%

Other shapes and figures complete the remaining 14%

Trending dresses

  • Vintage without long tail: Dress without tail, only the skirt, normally used in Empress dress types. The skirt usually has a design
  • Mermaid Dress: Fitted to the body like the dress wrapped. Ideal for double triangle bodies with an announced neckline and the flight reaching below the knees. The ruffles of the arms can be decided to your liking.
  • Apple cut dress: If you have sharp curves and you want to disguise those extra kilos, this model is ideal for you. Tight under the chest and the skirt is extremely broad with what will not mark the shape of your body.
  • The trousers: Although it is not a dress as such they are being used a lot for the comfort they represent for brides. In our blog trend for weddings 2019 we tell you more about this

Now that you know how to choose your wedding dress and the ones that are trending, is the moment to look for designers. Rincon de puembo recommend these two companies, they will help you with the design and the details for your perfect wedding dress.

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