The best time of the year to get married

mejor epoca para casarse

It can be a really hard decision to choose the best time to get married. It is definitely an important moment and it will be the date of your anniversary for the rest of your life.  

There are many factors to take into account when choosing the date of your wedding, you have to consider taste, important date, weather, beliefs and more.

This is why we wanted to show you some of these factors to consider when choosing your wedding day, here they are: 

In Ecuador, the peak season for weddings are in the months of april, may, june and july, and then september. In fact, summer months are the favorite ones specially for outdoors events.

Naturally, there are other months of the year that also have the charm and magic, dates that you can also consider as an option for your wedding day.

Summer months

These months are always the most requested, the summer season is preferred by the couple for two main reasons: first, the beautiful flowers; Second, the weather is spectacular, so it is the ideal season for an outdoor wedding.

This season starts at the end of June and ends at the end of September. However, the months with more demand in the market are: April, May, June and July. 

Therefore, prices are higher, and the availability of receptions is limited.

A wedding this season will allow the bride to wear more steamy and fresh dresses, in addition to many floral details and vivid colors.

However, if you cannot stand the heat it is better not to make a summer wedding, a bride suffocated for all the hours before and after, wanting to tear off the dress does not seem to be the best option.

Winter months

The winter months are perfect for the vintage theme. The color palette changes completely to brown, nudes and green tones.

The winter season runs from the end of September to the middle of March. It is a complicated time for a wedding, but with innumerable advantages for your ceremony.

Contrary to the summer season, this season is low in the wedding market, there are more and better offers, as well as flexibility in dates.

Likewise, the weather will not be unexpected, we know it will be cold or it will probably rain. Therefore, this factor will be planned during the wedding planning and they may have an original or thematic wedding.

An element that can add to the winter wedding are the coats, which together with the perfect dress will make an unforgettable team, this type of wedding promotes originality.

Specific date

The bride and groom can be guided on a special date to choose their wedding day, it can be: their wedding anniversary, their first kiss or when they met.

Also consider holidays or important events. You will not want a high rate of absence to your wedding for trivialities, or to many people waiting for a football game or vacation, etc.

Day/Afternoon or Night 

Finally, something important to decide after knowing what time you want to have your wedding is, if you want it in the day, in the afternoon or at night.

The most popular happen in the morning, during the course of the afternoon, these weddings have the touch of natural light making them more vivid and cheerful.

While a wedding at night has that elegant and ostentatious touch, and you can play with the lighting as they have it under your control.

The best time to get married really depends on the taste and possibility of the bride and groom. While summer weddings are the most acclaimed, winter weddings are not far behind with their original touch.

We hope that this article will serve as a guide to consider all the aspects related to making this important decision and that you can achieve that wedding that you have dreamed so much to have.

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