Places for weddings in Quito: what Rincón de Puembo offers

Choosing among so many places for weddings in Quito can be a hard task to do or at least tedious, mainly when you consider that the place can determine the quality of the celebration.

In Quito, you can find a variety of places where you can celebrate your wedding.

Some of them stand out for their location in the center of the city, others for being estates and others for having open spaces and green areas.

That’s why in this blog we are going to tell you about places for weddings in Quito according to their characteristics.

Places for weddings in Quito in the center of the city: This type of places normally offer reduced spaces on their ballrooms, but they stand out because of their location and the experience they have in this type of celebrations.

The places for wedding in the center of the city normally are closed spaces, so you won’t have to worry about the weather, if it rains or if it is sunny, here you will always count with a ceiling.

Also, in this type of places you can decorate as you want because the ballrooms are very neutral, in some cases they are white.

Ideal space if you like classic weddings.

Places for weddings in estates: To get married in an estate is marrying in a traditional and welcoming place. An important advantage of celebrating your marriage in an estate is that these spaces hide gentle secret that will give charm to the celebration.

A lot of these estates are full of ecuadorian history, plentiful of culture and the decoration is the same environment.

Ideal place if you like welcoming and full of history places

Places for weddings in Quito out of the city: The most prominent point (and the one that is more fashionable) in these places, is that given they are located outside the city they are wide spaces with green areas.

An outdoors wedding will allow you to enjoy the sun and fresh air. In fact, this type of events are trending because they are very versatile in terms of decoration and are perfect for romanticism and a familiar environment.

A wedding in the garden allows the couple to be comfortable, with a bohemian theme without quitting the elegance and also gives them the possibility to dress in a different way from the traditional or common way (tuxedo and classic dress).

What does Rincón de Puembo offer?

Rincón de Puembo is a hotel located outside the city which has more than 18 years of experience organizing this type of events. In our hotel you have the option to celebrate your wedding in spaces with green areas, a ballroom or both.

We are a traditional, rustic and vintage place, so in Rincón de Puembo we have replica blocks of Calle la Ronda, fountains, gardens, balconies, trunks and other classic decoration.

Auto para bodas

If you like this type of decorations and you are about to celebrate your wedding, you can request for a quote in our facilities.

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