How to plan your wedding the best way possible (+ Monthly guide of what to do)

óomo planificar tu boda

Days, months or even years… to accomplish the wedding of your dreams, you need the best wedding planning. There are many details you need to consider before the bug day, therefore is really important to distribute and delegate responsibilities.

Hereafter, we tell you which are the 5 main aspects you need to consider on planning your wedding and also we’ve prepared a free downloadable so you can follow step by step what to do.


Before everything, is very important to define the budget that will be allocated for the wedding and establish an approximate value, this will help you to know how much money  you can count on for the event.

Remember, it’s always good to keep extra money in case of something unexpected happens. The most important thing is to keep it real, this will avoid disappointment or unnecessary expenses.  

When doing the budget, consider the following:

  • Event’s location
  • Guests list
  • Food
  • Attire
  • Travels or transfers (if needed)

Location for the party

Another key element. It’s important to plan this with anticipation because depending on what type of location you choose it should be booked with at least 6 months before the wedding. There are different types: farms, ballrooms, hotels with green areas and more.

We have an article completely dedicated to this topic, click here for more details.


Giving the kind of event it is,  the more people go, the higher the expenses and demands will be. It is necessary to elaborate a list, begin with a draft of the list of people you want to attend to your wedding.

Then a first filtering must be done, for example: in order of importance you should consider family, close friends, etc. At the end, you will have the guests list ready.


Connected with the guest list and no doubt the most important part of the budget. Is fundamental to choose correctly the menu and offer food according to the event and taste of the couple. Nowadays, italian food served in buffet tables is trending, in our blog wedding tendencies for this year we’ll tell you more.


This is major because it is an important day in which the couple needs to be impeccable. There are many kinds of dresses for the bride to wear. Also, it’s important the groom’s look even though he can worry about this with less anticipation. On the other hand, the bride should choose her dress at least 6 months before the big day.

These are the 5 main aspects at the moment of planning your wedding but if you want more detail step by step on what to do before your wedding, ¡click here!.

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