Get to know the 2019 wedding trends according to experts

Trends are current or preferences that take effect during periods of time, they are constantly changing and are not governed by a specific order.

To help you to know about the last wedding trends, we decided to bring to you the 5 trends can’t be missing on this type of event. Of course it is not imperative to apply these trends for your wedding, in the end everything should be reduce to the couple likings.

Trends 2019

Violet and white weddings

This trend is becoming stronger this year, with violet color tones on decorations. Colors play a very important role on weddings. According to experts, variations on violets with white will be used the most this year.

Also, if you like to contrast colors, it is possible to combine violet with golden tones or even red ones, but as lead color, violet.

Bride with pants

Nowadays brides are looking for comfort and dresses lose strength this year to make way for pants or jumpsuits. So much is the popularity of this trend that even prestigious brands such as Carolina Herrera are losing supporters at the hands of stores like Forever 21.


On decoration there are many differences comparing with 2018, these are some of the elements that will be tendencies this year.

  • Fabrics and garlands
  • Vintage metals and stones
  • Hanging flowers
  • Large tables (wood or metal)
  • Another option is avoid the tablecloth and replace it with foliage and different table centerpieces to fill up spaces

Places for the wedding

Given that the majority of people (not everyone) that will be getting married on this time are Millennials, nature plays an important role because they prefer green spaces than traditional ballrooms.

Places that will be used this year include: outdoor spaces with low grass, cool climates, stones and trunks. Rincón de Puembo has all these amenities and we have more than 18 years of experience performing this type of weddings. If you want more information and a quote enter here.

Italian food station

Another trend for weddings in Ecuador that differs from the ones we’ve mentioned are food stations on this type of events. It consists in putting a table with food instead of serving the traditional dishes on tables. Italian food is the favorite option this year.

Now that you know the trend on weddings in Ecuador for 2019, what are you waiting to plan yours!

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