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The big day must be perfect, therefore, during the last month every detail must be adjusted, it is not about making large requests, but requesting changes to what already exists. Work on the details that lead to the excellence that the bride and groom expect on their wedding day.

A professional wedding planner or wedding planner will be in charge of providing you with the necessary advice on all the details and options involved in preparing your ideal wedding. Learn the advantages of hiring a wedding planner here

Here are ten elements that will make your wedding a perfect and unforgettable day. Fundamental details that will determine your wedding as a unique event.

1. Prepare your skin

An activity to fulfill it as a couple. In this task, they can perform a series of daily exercises that lead them to an effective relaxation that counteracts stress and renews their energies for the big day. A good option would be yoga.

Make a personal agenda, which organizes your time and includes all activities such as beauty treatments, facial cleansing, hydration sessions and other spa sessions that should be part of your calendar during these two months.

 Also, eating habits play an important role in your skin. Begin to change your diet, two months before the ceremony, both the skin of the bride and groom should be radiant for your wedding.

2. Change of dress

Some brides prefer to change the dress in the evening, for this it is necessary to know what attire will change and take into account all the accessories that combine with it. Surely it will be more comfortable than the main dress, so shoes and accessories will be too.

3. Lingerie

For your wedding day, any lingerie is not valid. In fact, it will be difficult to have lingerie that meets all that a wedding represents. Therefore, you must purchase this item, as soon as possible so that it does not become a last-minute problem

Try to have lingerie for all dress tests, so you can determine as quickly as possible that seams are not marked.

4. Get your clothes ready

Already at this point, they had to attend several costume tests, with two or a week prior to the marriage it is recommended that you be ready for your costumes and try them on, in this way you will verify that there is nothing to fix at the last moment.

Note: once the outfits of the groom and the bride are at home, be sure to place them in a safe place and do not run any risk. And don’t show them to anyone until the big day.

5. Prepare survival kit

For any unforeseen event, it is essential to prepare a kit with items that may be necessary. In the case of the bride and groom, it can be a spare shirt, hair gel, handkerchief, shoe polisher, and whatever you think you might need.

In the case of the bride, the kit must have: makeup, patches, a pair of socks, wet towels, headbands, pins, do not forget to also include thread and needle in case unforeseen with the dress.

Store your kit in a safe part or entrust it to a specific person. In addition, we recommend that you include a toothbrush, deodorant, pins. The bride and groom will know what they will need at the moment and it is better to be ready for everything.

6. Assemble bag for the wedding night

The wedding night will be special, it is the first one they will share as husband and wife. It is necessary for this moment, assemble a suitcase, according to the plan they have for tonight. Whether in a hotel room, cabin, dome or hostel, they will need a bag ready for any occasion.

The suitcase must have a change of clothes, underwear, bedding, slippers and some other accessories, such as perfume or oil.

7. Assemble the honeymoon suitcase

In the event that your honeymoon is after your party, you should prepare this suitcase with time, before the wedding, because stress and nervousness can make you forget some indispensable elements. The week before your wedding is not going to be enough for all the details. Don’t leave it for the last week!

Start with a list of what you need, so you don’t forget anything, cross out what you already have, as you pack. Similarly, check the necessary documentation, cards, and cash to travel.

8. Playlist

As good as the DJ is, take into account that the professional hired, can get carried away by their tastes. To prevent any detail out of your expectation, organize your favorite musical themes, which complements your ideal party. Be sure to bring a pen drive or default song list.

 In this way, the hired DJ will know the type of music according to his reception and can mix with grace, without risking a session to forget.

9. Check that everything is ready

Seven days after the wedding, it is time to check the final details with the suppliers, make calls to confirm one last time that everything is fine with the cake and the salon. Also, with the professionals hired as: photographer, DJ, florist, makeup artist, among others. A wedding planner will solve this for the bride and groom.

10. Relax!

Finally, the day and night before the wedding is time to rest, no longer think about planning, no more decoration, no music, no guests. Rest assured that it will be a day not to forget.

Decide to relax, eat light, do not drink alcohol, hydrate enough and above all make sure you sleep at least eight hours. If you need to manage your nerves, you can always resort to a massage, a bathtub and drink an infusion of relaxing herbs, such as lemon balm, linden or valerian

Details to consider when your wedding day is near. It is normal to be impatient and stressed, however, keep in mind that it is your day and you should enjoy it. The key is to rest to arrive as new to the consecration of his love.

We hope that our advice is helpful to free the bride and groom from those troubles in the last moments. Remember to take into account every detail, at least one month in advance of your day.

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