8 ideas for your wedding photos

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Getting married? Congrats! … Your big day will be unforgettable for you both, as it is a beautiful moment to celebrate your love with friends and family. Surely you will want to relive this occasion over and over again, that’s why your wedding photos are an important element. We tell you some ideas about the photos that you cannot miss on your wedding day.

If you just got engaged and still do not know where to start, we recommend our blog on how to plan your perfect wedding. Likewise, if you need help in preparing your wedding you can consider hiring a Wedding Planner, here are 5 reasons why you should do it, your organizer can help you looking for the ideal photographer.

The wedding photos are to remember and to show off your love, you will surely want them to be in the hands of a professional, but sometimes it is better to guide them and give them some advice on the photos you want to have. So we leave you these ideas that you can suggest.

1. Details 

The details are each of the elements that you prepared in advance to make them part of your wedding. For example, the bouquet should be immortalized in a photo, you can make the pages take it and play with it. Or you can also make them appear in focus with you out of focus from behind.

A trend that we have found in the bride and groom is the change of shoes from the ceremony to a Converse or personalized shoes for the party, take funny photos of the feet, it can be during the party so that they are dancing feet.

The original photos also feature the wedding rings. They can be with the hands and the bouquet, or with the rings on the seats, or all generations of women shaking hands showing the rings.

2. Getting ready

The nerves of the great day with something to remember, The preparation of the bride and groom with the family around, the bridesmaids preparing together. The bride with her family, the groom with his …

What you must do is want to tell a story as a sequence. Get photos of the details, of the bride and groom getting dressed, of the bride putting on makeup and combing her hair. They are unique moments to live again

3. Special and moving moments

The last unspeakable nerves, the hugs of the godparents, the tears of the breasts … etc. 

Happy smiled bridesmaids with bride is looking on the wedding dress in light room, wedding preparation

These moments before getting married are full of emotion and we want the photographer to capture in its pure essence.

4. The arrival and departure of the bride and groom

Take pictures in and out of the car. Get photos of the bride in the car retouching the last strands of hair, looking in the mirror for the last time, of nerves before reaching the church …

… Photos of the expressions of the guests when they see the bride get out of the car and are surprised by the dress.

5. Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids have always been by your side and will be no matter what happens, so don’t miss the opportunity to get the best photos of your wedding with the bridesmaids on this special day.

You can mix the ladies and gentlemen and even use the pages in your photos, so you take funny photos. Also that godparents and essential people join in this mini session.

6. The wedding kiss

Let them kiss, let them kiss!

It will be one of the favorite things they will hear throughout the event and it will be great to have a thousand photos of those moments.

The most beautiful kiss is usually at the exit of the church, with the rice and the petals in the air. The photo is left to frame it and put it in a special place.

7. Photobooth

This is a very fun option to have unforgettable photos, your friends and family will be able to gather many photos of their great day. That the idea is yours and that it represents what you and your partner like.

That yes, that is fun you can put costumes, wigs, mustaches and streamers, what you can think of will be fine, it is for people to have fun.

8. In love glances

Photos that don’t require static poses and fake smiles are best. So the photographs taken at unplanned moments, end up being photos that convey all the magic of that moment.

You can be sure to give this information to your photographer and you will find a very nice result when you see the knowing looks that unsuspecting photos offer.

These are some of the ideas that you can consider for your big day, think that the professionalism of your photographer is also very important and if you want to get out of the traditional make sure that the photos are not with people smiling statically but that everyone knows how to have fun and do of your unforgettable photos.

2 thoughts on “8 ideas for your wedding photos”

  1. Hello this is Leo Harry. My fiance and I are considering having a chocolate themed wedding next May. We will be getting married in an old chocolate factory that has since been re-done into a restaurant and banquet facility. The factory still has some industrial elements left in the space.

    1. Hello Leo, it’s amazing that you and your fiance are considering an old chocolate factory as a venue. Industrial weddings are very special because there are already a lot of elements you can make part of your chocolate-themed wedding. As a recommendation, we can tell you that it’s important to incorporate flowers and texture alongside metallic elements in order to find a balance. As it was a chocolate factory maybe you can find the perfect spot to string up Edison bulbs, you can hang them from the ceiling to the floor, across a backdrop, or overhead above tables to add an intimate “bistro feel”. In addition, you can also decorate the table with every kind of chocolate snack that you can think of, some ideas: chocolate fountain, glasses made of chocolate, chocolate wedding cake, cupcakes, bites, brownies… and more!

      Definitely, the chocolate-themed wedding with the industrial venue is an excellent combination. We wish you can find a path to follow after this small advice.

      Good luck and congratulations!

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