End of the year business party

Fiesta de fin de año

The moment to let 2018 go is near and now people start thinking about the place where they are going to spend New Year’s Eve and celebrate big. The most common alternative (and the best one) is to receive 2019 in a specific place, a hotel is the favorite option of all.

This because it is the ideal alternative. There is no need to worry about cooking, tidying the house, preparing the music, etc. You just have to think about having a good time.

There are many reasons to show that spent new year’s eve in a hotel is the best option:

  • Unlike restaurants, you have the possibility to stay the night if you wish
  • Normally they offer party and dinner, not only dinner
  • They have different facilities for the recreation of people
  • First class service. Waiters, protocol, security and assistance stuff always at your disposal

Now, once decided that you want to celebrate the arrival of the new year in a hotel, there are several things that the accommodation where you are spending new year’s eve must offer.

Grapes and champagne: Pretty much the most important things of the night. These CANNOT be missing in your party to say goodbye to 2018. Make sure that the hotel in which you spend the end-of-year party offers these.

Unlimited WIFI: Nowadays, communication is very important to send the best wishes to the people that are not with us. That’s why WIFI connection must be part of your end-of-year party (better if it is free and unlimited)

DJ: This night was made to celebrate, so good music is essential at all times. Check that the hotel in where you’re staying has a Dj.

Drinks: Another distinctive element of the end of the year. In the hotel there should be a varied drink menu so that your night is complete. Mind you, always remember to drink with moderation.

Nor can your wish list can be missing (you should consider this). It is important that the place where you are celebrating new year’s eve allows you to do all of your rituals (to walk with a bag, put eggs on a cup, burn the rag dolls, and more).

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