Valentine´s day: how to prepare a magic journey

Obsequios para san valentín

Valentine´s day is an special and different day despite the fact that it is not a holiday in the calendar.  Valentine´s has become quite commercial and lets be honest, there is no specific day for love. You can always have a great moment with you significant other.

On the other hand, Who doesn´t like to receive a gift for Valentines?.  Preparation starts weeks before the day, thinking about what how to give a treat to you loved one.  In order to get a magical effect, consider two facts: the gift and what to do. Here you will find some ideas to make a unique Valentine.

Tips to get the perfect gift

The classic gift:

Chocolate: You can never miss the chocolate! Something that will never get old when we are talking about romanticism.  A box of chocolates will be great for the date, even to accompanying another gift.

A DIY gift: what can say “I love you” more than a gift done with your own hands?  Check out for materials easy to find at office stores. Also a romantic personalized card can be a very cute detail.  Just show you love and will!

Parfums: Fragrances are always a synonym of romanticism.  Why? if it is something a person received as a gift, he/she will use it everyday and with that the memory of the person who gave the gift will be present.  A scent is something you do not buy everything, so it gives it a higher status of a gift.

A gift for her:

Flowers: these is a gift that every women love.  The flowers delivers all kinds of feelings due to their beauty and scents.  But, consider that no all the flowers express romanticism. Roses are the ones that are on top of the list to express love for Valentines.

A gift for him:

Electronic devices:  Total blast! To almost every men in the world a gift like this will blow their minds.  You will invest a higher budget, but you will see a light of joy in his face.

What to do on Valentines?

Dinner: Probably it is the most common activity on Valentine´s.  Make a reservation and ready to go. Even if this is a surprise or not, still can light up the flames of love.

Spend the day by the pool at a hostel: It is a different activity and very relaxing one. Leave the routine and take your beloved one to a different journey with great benefits for both.

Karaoke: It is always fun and with a partner will be even more fun!.  Sing along the melodies that have marked the relationship, it is always very romantic.

There are plenty of options to spend this day, you can buy or make, but the important is to show that special person how much you love him/her and how important is to have him/her in your life.

If you haven´t decided yet what to do for this special day, let us invite you to spend the day at Rincon de Puembo, where you can have a romantic dinner, swim in the pool or even, sing karaoke.  We offer the place, you make it magical!

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