Tips to prepare a Christening


Christening is one of the days that more expectation arises for a lot of parents.  Christening in Quito is something you prepare since the baby´s birth, this is because lots of churches accept kids until they are 5 years and 11 months.  If the kid is older, he has to take an special Christening class.

Lately, lots of parents prefer to wait for the kid to decide if they want to pursue the same religion as its parents.  The tradition on the other hand, says that the kist must receive the Christening as soon as they are born.

You can choose the Christening date since the baby is 1 month old, but lots of people prefer the months of April and May.  April, is believe, that is a Holy month and May is one of the warmest months of the year and the baby can feel comfortable when the priest is pouring the holy water on his head.

Now, Christening shouldn´t be something to be stressed at, since this is one of the most beautiful events in a kids life.  If you are about to organize it and you are wondering where to start? well, we have some tips here that will help you through the process and get what you have dreamt of.


Before the event planning starts it is necessary to consider some formalities

  • Baby´s parents must live in the same parish church where the baby will receive Christening.
  • It is important to register the kid 2 weeks prior the Christening at the parish church (in some cases should be registered a month before the event).  There is some paperwork that must be filled with the parents and Godparents information.
  • Kid´s Birth certificate.
  • Christening in Quito can be done between 1 month old up to 5 years and 11 months old.
  • If the kid is older than 6 years must receive an special Christening preparation class.
  • Parent religious wedding certificate (this depend on the parish church, not all of them request this document)
  • Parents must have accomplished all the Catholic sacraments (Christening, Communion, be married)
  • Godparents must be Catholics
  • If the Godparents are single, the must present a Confirmation certificate.
  • Godparents must be 16 years older
  • There are some other documents that the parish church can request.

Event Planning

Parish Church

After all the documentation needed, next step is to choose the church where the act will be performed.  Specially to save the date and leave a contribution to the parish church.


Our hostel “Rincon de Puembo” is ready to serve you and your guest the way you deserve for your kids Christening.  We have a chapel, a variety of lounges depending on the number of guests and we can prepare the decoration for the occasion. We have beautiful gardens for the photographic register and everything you migh need for the event.


This is such an important part of the event, since it is the guide for the event planning.  Consider the formalities, clothing, church, invitations and post event party (if there is one).  Once you establish the budget try not to pass the limit and keep yourself inside the borders, in that way you will not have any unexpected surprises.


Invitations will speak for themselves of the event, it is the first impression of what to expect as a guest.  There are plenty of options of the style, but the top one will be always the invitation in white.  Do not forget to add the place, date and time of the event.


Clothing for the event will always be in white.  Girls must wear a dress and little hats and the boys white suites.

Also consider:

  • Decoration
  • Gifts for the guests
  • Table and chairs clothing and more
  • Food

Christening is a one in a lifetime event, so enjoy it and consider all the details to get a perfect day.

In order to get everything done, we have prepared this checklist with all you need to consider for the event.

check list bautizo

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