How to accomplish a unique wedding?

Tips para una boda inolvidable

You have been dreaming on it since you were a child, the dress, the fiance, the  location. Your very own fairytale came true. And the moment is finally here. The day you will confirm your unconditional love to the man of your life. And you have only one thing in mind : Everything must be perfect!

1. You said  I do!

You said yes and now you have a lot of stuff to be worried about:  choosing the date and the time for the wedding, finding the perfect place and deciding if you are hiring a wedding planner who helps you to organize every single detail.

Take a time to look like a princess on your wedding day. Choose your dreamed dress, the one that will make you look gorgeous and will also make you feel comfortable after hours of dancing.

2. The photographer.

One of the most important services in a wedding is the photographer because he is the one who will shape the memories. Take care of booking this service with time, the most famous professionals use to have a full schedule.

3.  Wedding preparations.

The traditional way is to get ready in your own house with your mother, sisters or bestfriends. To share an emotional moment with the most important women in your life.

Recently, it has become a trend to rent a  nice hotel room with the people you choose and to make there the whole preparations:  to get your hair done, to get your makeup done, to try the dress and finally transform into a beautiful bride.

4. Guests and music.

The guests and the music are the x factor of a wedding success. Invite only the people that really enjoy your excitement , the ones who are looking forward to have fun with you.

The music will make the difference. A good DJ or a life music band will know how to administrate the energy to have the most fun party of the year. Ask for references to the people that already had a similar event before, so you can choose between different opinions.

Other elements like  fireworks, crazy hours or a photo booth will also contribute to make the moment more enjoyable.

5. Choose the place and the decoration.

The place is one of the most important decisions of the wedding planning. First, you have to compare the different options. ¿Does it fix in my budget? ¿Is it wide and cozy?. Also, you have to pay attention to some details like the roof, the walls, the gardens, the illumination of the lounge and the whole maintenance.

You should have an expert help to decorate the place, he will know which details and elements will be better according to your likes, your personality and the place.

6. The banquet

Take your time to choose the perfect menu to your wedding  banquet and the right amount of alcohol drinks, considering the guests and the quantity you are able to serve during the party.

The cake and the candy table are part of the decorations, so it will be according the theme you have choosen.

7. Enjoy!

This day was made to enjoy, don’t let anything ruin it. Don’t stay sitten, go and dance with your partner, with your friends and your family. Your wedding day is never going to repeat and you should share this experience with the people you love.

The guests will feel happy and you will have the best day of your life.

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