7 charms for new year´s eve

New year´s eve is close, families gather on that night with the firm purpose that the year to come was better in every personal aspect.

Optimistic feelings grow during the day.  It is a general will that new year brings a new fresh start, people start to prepare themselves for the “charms” which are rituals that will help your wishes to come true.

There are many Ecuadorians traditions but here, in Rincón de Puembo, we will tell you the top 7 for this new years eve:

  • 12 grapes: representing each month of the year to come, you should eat   every grape with the ringing of the midnight bells, wishing better times and good luck.
  • Rag dolls: this is, maybe, one of the most popular Ecuadorian traditions.  The idea is to make a doll that represents a real character and along with family, neighbours and friends you burn it at midnight representing all good and bad things of the year. This special ritual, at Rincón de Puembo is made in a special way.  We will offer you materials and a special area to manufacture your own dolls.  For further information please call (+593-2) 2391106
  • Wearing yellow lingerie: this charm “ensures” happiness and unique moments in the year to come.  It works better if the lingerie is a gift for the person who is going to wear it.
  • Place a ring inside the champagne cup:  Put a gold ring inside the champagne cup that will be used for the toast.  Drink the champagne and be careful not to swallow the ring, so you will ensure good finances during the year to come.
  • The Will: this tradition has it beginning in Ecuador what makes it one of the most popular charms.  A designated person is the one who prepares the will, which consist on funny messages that are inspired on the daily routine of the family members.  The will encompass the funny moments and they are remembered at new year´s eve, just minutes before midnight.
  • Eggs inside the cup: at midnight, you crack an egg inside a cup with water and let it still until the next morning.  The believe says that the shapes that are formed with the water, represents what is going to happen next year.
  • Running with the luggage: for the one who love travelling, this is a simple charm.  The luggage that you brought to Rincón de Puembo for your stay will help. At midnight take the luggage and run around the hotel, this will ensure the travelling opportunities for the year to come.

These are the 7 most popular traditions in Ecuador for new year´s eve.  Most of people believe in them, a few don´t. But the main idea is that charms, traditions and others are the perfect reason to meet up with the whole family.

From all the staff of Rincon de Puembo, we thank you for the moments you have shared with us during 2017; for you, our best wishes and all your purposes were meet for these new year to come.  If you are still defining where to spend new year´s eve, Rincón de Puembo will always welcome you!


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