Trends for corporate parties at the end of the year

This november is one of the most active months in the Human Resources department on enterprises. Is common that the last days of the year enterprises begin with arrangements for end-of-year corporate parties, in which every person that is part of the company will participate.

These corporate events are moments to commemorate obtained goals, mention concisely the short and mid-term projects, but most importantly is about having a space for relaxation, joy and entertainment.

Of course, at first sight organising these type of events is not a simple task, and it is necessary to have everything on point for things to go perfect.

An important point to take into account are current trends for corporate parties, in some cases you can make thematic decorations and even get dressed for the occasion, all in order to create a different atmosphere for your corporate party.

Which is why here we tell you what are the principal tendencies in the region


As you would know, decoration on your event tells a lot of things. Currently, trends on end-of-year corporate parties aim to blue and white colors, which reflect status, elegance and seriousness. Although, as it is Christmas season, it is normal for red and green to predominate.

Another thing to take into account about decoration is that metallic objects are not used anymore to decorate. Now wood and glass gain ground, this trend comes from mid-2015 in Europe.


Generally, more technology is used on events. This is aligned with modern enterprises that have digital as their cover letter. On end-of-year corporate parties a lot of technology is used such as: projectors, interactive light games, LED screens, and more.S

Style-Social events

This style is also very on trend and looks to encourage the social interaction between workers (who may not know each other), directors and others. For this, livings where guests can interact freely are created.

Food islands and drinks bar are also installed, so that guests circulate throughout the room. Each time the typical tables where the participants sit and wait for the food are less used.

fiesta fin de año

In-between show

Another element that’s being used are live shows: stand-up (comedy), dance groups, or magicians are mostly used or could be simply bands or singers.


  • At the end of the year corporate parties this activities are being made:
  • Raffles in which guests can win prizes
  • Some special short show at the entrance of event hall
  • Because it is a Christmas season, there can also be an exchange of gifts between guests

These are the trends for end of the year corporate parties. Follow them and your event will be up to the demands of your company.

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