Safety measures to prevent COVID-19

protocolos de seguridad

The hospitality industry is completely changing in regards to the safety and hygiene protocols because of the pandemic. Having the responsibility to protect their personnel and guest’s health, new protocols will be implemented to prevent COVID-19.

In fact, we are getting adapted to the new normal we have to face, opening our establishments and continuing working on our excellent service whilst integrating a total new behaviour inside our workplace. 

The most important about this circumstances is being ready, that’s the reason why we have been working to establish new protocols and measures to, first of all, protect our personnel, those that have direct contact with our guests as well as the ones that work behind-the-scenes.

And not less important, protecting our guests and clients who deserve to feel completely safe in each of our hotel’s areas, as in the activities they do inside our establishment. 

Safe spaces

We know that our facilities represent a place to let your guard down to relax and leave your work to others. For this reason, it’s been necessary to reinforce one of the keys to hospitality: to make guests feel good.

This is a detail that in the midst of this pandemic does not end with the excellent service and kindness of the staff, but also with the health care of all the people involved in the hospitality process.

The coronavirus has radically modified hotel processes, and these are changes that must be made for the common good. After so much time emphasising the importance of the interpersonal and the gift of people of the employees, hotels are now forced to equip ourselves with masks and focus fully on our cleaning teams.

Habits in hotels will vary according to local and international legal provisions. However, a common factor will be hand sanitiser, the new protagonist in our lives. Similarly, the use of masks will be mandatory in certain shared areas and we must also have total control over the capacity of our establishment.

Likewise, the signaling on social distancing will be diverse, the furniture will also be discarded to expand the spaces and even open spaces or green areas will be used even more, which allows maintaining control of the same distancing.

Rincon de Puembo’s transformation after the coronavirus

The new normal has required us to change our behaviour; These 3 points have been the most important to give our guests a better experience:


  • We have implemented flexibility in arrival and departure times, to maintain consistency with the national COE regulations and curfew times.
  • Check-in and check-out can be done online.


  • We have created a comprehensive guide with the Security Protocols for the prevention of COVID-19.
  • We keep our staff in continuous training.


  • Rooms and facilities are disinfected with hospital-grade disinfectants.
  • Sanitisation is done with UVC lamps.

The hotel scene will be completely different from what we are used to, the key is to achieve minimal contact with the staff, with other facilities and people, and above all, for the common good, it is important to get used to this new normal and adapt to changes in behaviour that demands of us.

In Rincon de Puembo we have worked on the creation of the new protocol for the safety of our staff and our guests. These procedures are aligned with what is established by the National COE, as well as taking into account the variations according to the traffic light of the canton.

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