Rituals in Ecuador during Holy Week


In Ecuador, Holy week brings lots of very particular rituals.  This is a time of the year when it is prepared an special dish called “fanesca”; this is a part of the ritual that includes also processions with catholic images.  A big part of the citizens look for activities that keep them busy during the holidays.

Following the tradition of Catholicism, holy week starts with the Lent period on Ash Wednesday.  Catholics all over the country, starts their 40 days penance getting ash on their forehead.  This is a time for change and conversion for Catholics.

The peak of this tradition is on Holy Thursday and Holy Friday.  During those days, catholics remember Jesus last supper with apostles and when Jesus washed the apostles feet.  Holy Friday is the remembrance the dead of Jesus crucifixion.

There are many traditions during holy week in Ecuador, let me tell you a top 3 that we have prepared for you:

Visiting 7 churches

Why 7? because each church represents the 7 places Jesus visited since he got captured until his crucifixion. This visit usually is accompanied by prayers and gratitude for the blessings received along the year.


This is the most traditional dish for the season, especially during Holy week. Fanesca is based on codfish, habas, corn, peas, red peas, onion, garlic, nuts, milk, cream and cheese.

The tradition says that the fish represents Jesus and the grains represent the 12 apostles.

Jesus del Gran Poder Procession

This is a tradition that has been kept for more than 50 years. Lots of people walk along downtown Quito, specifically on San Francisco Plaza. Some of the people that assist to the event, wear purple and black representing penances.

Holy Thursday and Friday are days off in pretty much all over the world. During these holidays families get together and plan to go out to share and have some fun. Check this list below to start planning a fun get away with your beloved ones:

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