Holy communion

If you have a 7 year (or older) kid, it is time to start planning his holy communion.  The parents, after the appropriate preparation of the kids at the school or at the local church, organize a nice celebration for this special event for catholicism practicants.

It is a requirement the Christening should be done prior the Holy Communion.

Holy Communion is part of a sacramental ritual established by Catholic church.  The ritual consist on receiving the representation of the body and blood of Christ.  Usually kids receive this sacrament until they are 12 years old.

There are lots of questions that arise about this celebration, many people do not know what it is for?, what it is about?, what you need to get it done? o where to get it done?.  Do not worry, this blog is a guide for you.

What is a Holy Communion or First Communion?

It is a Catholic ritual, that is celebrated for the first time when a prepared person, receives the sacrament of the Eucharist, representing the Body and Blood of Christ.

Which requirements do I need to be prepared to Holy Communion?

  • The kid must have been received Christening.
  • Child must be prepared for a certain period of time depending on the local church.  The period of time is usually between 1 to 2 years.
  • The kid must practice the sacrament of confession.  Confession consists on revealing the sins to the priest, after that he grants absolution, the kid gets a penance that is usually to say a prayer.
  • Godparents must be baptized by Catholic church.
  • It is not a requirement but some churches might ask for a voluntary monetary collaboration.

What is the Holy communion for?

For Catholicism, Holy communion is a very important ritual; as important as Christening.  Until now, kids attend to mass just following the parents, but after preparation and Holy Communion they know the reason why they practice that.

This is also a requirement for Marriage.

Where does First Communion take place?

This is one of the most frequently asked question.  The most common practice is that the kid takes his First Communion at the local church, but it can be done at the school as well.

First communion is a matter of faith, it is a connection with God at early ages.  According to the Bible at the Last Supper, what the kid takes represents: the flesh of Christ which is the blessed bread for the priest and the wine, it is His blood.

Even Though this is a ritual that the kid must perform, parents have a great responsibility with the process.  This is a milestone that kids must take as something very important, and as a parents, the best way is to walk besides them during the process and answer their questions, guide them without interfering with their decisions so these values will be with them always.

After the ritual, it is traditional to gather the family for a nice celebration in a banquet hall, it can be at a hotel, hostal or something similar.  At this event, the kid is celebrated, the family get to share lunch (usually but sometimes breakfast is shared as well).

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