Christening – Top trends 2018

If you are starting with all the organization for your kids Christening, we know that the goal is to get the perfect moment… and of course it has to be unforgettable!

Trends are in every field, and Christening is not the exception.  Beginning with the event and  going through every little detail that makes the Christening a special day.  This is definitely a date that is part of the trends for every year.

Top trends 2018 for Christening Temática

Baptism Party Themes

The top trend at the moment is the vintage inspiration. This theme is based on antique decoration (in good shape of course); the decoration is usually made out of wood.  Here you can check out a list of articles that you can use for the event:

  • TV´s
  • Wood tables
  • Bird cages with flowers inside
  • Brown leather luggage
  • Jars

An important tip, is that balloons decorations are out by now, so do not consider them for the event.

Rincon de Puembo is a traditional location that is originally vintage.  We have more than 15 years experience organizing this type of events. If you would like a quote please click here.


This trend was born in the United States, but now is something that we have adapted.  The trend now, is not the dessert station, is the Donuts bar.

This is a great idea for adults and kids.  Adults like this and kids will love it. Same scenario if you prefer something light there are gourmet donuts.


Nowadays the invitations are in a digital format, due to practicality and modernism matters.  This format are usually sent by email and they have less information that the printed ones.  If you decide choosing this format only place the name of the baptized kid, date, place and time of the event.

Invitations do not affect if you decided to use vintage deco, but it is important to have a touch of vintage on the design of them.  The touch can be the colors, such as white, brown and black.

The details that are usually given away at the end of the celebration party, are now given along with the invitation.  You can take this option if you are given printed invitations.


There is more frequent now in Quito to have an outdoor party celebration, where you can find spaces where the envited kids can enjoy.  These spaces along with the vintage deco and the organic touch are very in now.

Something that has become very popular is the use of cotton wreaths or a blanket with messages with the name of the baptized kid.

A good this about this trend is that is organic and vintage at the same time.

At Rincon de Puembo we take care of every detail and make of the event the most special occasion celebrated.

If you need further and detailed information please send us an email I we will be delighted to be part of your next event.

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