8 ideas for gifts on Valentine’s Day

regalos por san valentin

Valentine’s Day is a day where lovers celebrate many feelings of union and prosperity, but also a day to celebrate friendships.

A celebration of love and friendship, which was born in commemoration of the death of a priest named Valentine, who celebrated the marriage of several young people who had been banned from marrying by the Crown.

Therefore, Claudio II sentenced him to death on February 14th, 270, alleging disobedience and rebellion. Valentine, today is shown by a little angel who arrows the hearts of all lovers.

Becoming a tradition, where the lovers one day a year rewrite their love with small or large details, who suffer affection for their partner. You may also be interested: Love Day: How to have a magical day

There are countless gifts that have become accomplices of love, such as flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, jewelry, among others. Every gift carries a representation of affection in order to surprise who loves.

Definitely the options are innumerable but we have made a list of the best ideas for gifts for February 14th :

Romantic breakfast

To start the day with a romantic detail, you can bring breakfast to bed. Or in turn, in a special place, your favorite restaurant. Do not forget, accompany it with a note with the declaration of love. The sweetest way to start Valentine.

Extreme adventure

For couples who like strong emotions, an extreme activity or sport would not be bad, experience a parachute jump from an airplane, canyoning, abseiling on a mountain or surfing lessons, new and fun activities for an unforgettable love day.

A show

A very original and fun present is to attend a show for February 14, it can be a concert by your favorite artist or a play that represents romantic and entertaining stories. Look for a novel event, it will be an interesting proposal.

A book

If your partner is fond of reading, a book will be very well received. There are very good suggestions of people who work in bookstores, they will give you a guide of the best literary works.

Regalos para San Valentín

A relaxing day

Valentine’s day can be a perfect day to relax as a couple and forget about daily stress for a day. Get out of everyday life, there are many romantic plans that offer you the best experience in gastronomy, fun, or simply, a moment of peace.

A weekend outside the city

A destination of mountain, nature, forests, lakes or the beach, will strengthen the bonds of love and provide a different place to celebrate the day of love.

A romantic dinner

It is a classic present, one of the most popular and special. There are many excellent gastronomic places that offer promotions and romantic details that make Valentine’s Day an unforgettable evening.

Cooking class in pairs

This is the activity that today everyone wants to experience because knowing the culinary skills of your partner will become a fun dynamic and interaction between lovers.

Express your feelings in a different way this Valentine’s Day, let your creativity conquer the moment.

If you have any suggestions to add to this list, share your ideas with us!

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