Why does your company need to organize team building activities?

Nowadays it has been proved that the product it is not the only thing that generates money for the company; it is also important the experience that is delivered to the client.  In order to accomplish that, you can consolidate your staff throughout team building activities

Team building is about having a consolidated team to work, reaching that objective it is possible with a diversity of activities.

The objectives that pursue these activities are: improving the communication among the staff, encourage a positive attitude among them and with the organization and last but not least the sense of belonging that the employees have with the company.

Planning an event like this, have some benefits such as:

  • Enforces the confidence among workmates.
  • Awakes the sense of belonging with the company.
  • Motivation improves.
  • Leadership sense gets powered.
  • Improves the sense of healthy competition among workmates.
  • Delivers capacity of solving problems and delegate responsibilities.
  • It is a great activity to eliminate stress

Why are TB activities useful?

Tb activities are designed for the employees to work together and perform to the maximum.  Implementing this kind of activities within your company will show that the key to success is trust and cooperation.

What kind of TB activities can be performed?

There are a wide variety of games that can be performed, the most used are:

What will you take to an uninhabited island?

This is one of the most practiced activity in TB games.  It consists in dividing employees in 2 groups, and ask them to list (in importance order) 10 things that will take you to the island in order to survive.

Once the list is done, groups should talk about their picks and debate with the other groups and conclude with 5 things chosen by the two groups.

Objective: promote creativity based on a given problem and motivate collaboration among groups.

Partner race in a bag

There should be selected partners for each group.  The couples must get into a bag up to their waists and move along until the goal.  The key in this activity is synchronization between partners and the competition with the other couples.

Objective: The chance to get to know between work mates

Blind train

Employees must be divided in groups of 5 persons.  Each group must put together a train, placed their hands on top of the other shoulders and close their eyes.  The only person who should be watching is the operator which is the last person in line.

The train must slowly move in order to avoid crushes with the obstacles placed on the road.  In order to avoid those accidents, everybody must follow the operator instructions who can see but can not talk.

If the train must continue straight the operator should tap both shoulders, if the train must turn to the right the operator must tap on the right shoulder of the person in front of them and so on.

This information must continue to the person in front until the message got the first person and the train can move along.

Objective: Achieve a good synchronization and confidence between employers.

There are a wide mosaic of activities that you can practice for TB.  What it is really important is to exploit the cohesion and group communication.

A perfect scenario to perform this activities is in a place outside the city, away from pollution and noise.  A place where the games can be played outdoors. Rincon de Puembo has everything you need to meet and exceed your expectations.

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