Corporate Team Building

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On some occasions, the work team doesn’t reach the level desired of effectiveness or the desired results. The main causes are lack of organization, lack of definition of goals, they don’t know what the company wants from them, there are many intern conflicts, and the lack of experience and capability.

That’s why we want to tell you about the team building experience, a practice that looks to improve productivity and the attitude of the work team.

The principal idea is to organize activities that promote teamwork and alliance between the members in order to achieve an improvement in the coordination and internal relationship of the company.

For team building, a lot of actions in your company are necessary daily, but the experience of Team Building is better to carry it out as an event because it includes participatory activities designed according to the needs of the organization.

These events are usually carried out in spaces far from everyday life, in a different environment, in order to allow the team to release tensions and relate in a different way to everyone.


  • Define goals

Individual and collective goals are emphasized, plans are identified to achieve objectives that are feasible to perform, thus strengthening the motivation and sense of belonging to the team.

  • Define Roles

By defining roles, comprehension between members is wanted to be accomplished, roles and tasks are defined in order to understand the importance of structure and interdependence of every member in the organization.

  • Problem solution

The problems that exist are identified and the recognition of them is encouraged, as well as the teamwork to achieve solutions.

  • Enhance relationships

To enhance individual abilities in order to apply them in teamwork, giving and receiving help, promoting strengths and weaknesses. While less interpersonal conflicts, more is efficiency.


Role play

It allows them to promote empathy because they face other people’s problems, it allows to understand the role of other people, their behaviors and actions. In this way, different perspectives are adopted and therefore improvements in the solutions for certain conflicts that previously could not have been resolved.


Brainstorming is essential in order to promote everyone’s participation, it is also beneficial for the leader because he receives ideas and suggestions from the team to improve the organization and its structure.

Case study

Hypothetical situations are studied in which decision making is under real pressure and risk. In this way allowing the team to solve past or current situations and face different future scenarios.


1.  Motivation

Since team building is a different type of activity and outside the workplace, it motivates to give more of one’s self.

2.   Confidence

Teamwork reinforces mutual confidence between team members.

3.   Self-discovering

With the different challenges that are presented in the team building activities, the participants will gain more inside knowledge of themselves, their virtues and weaknesses.

4.   Leadership

In knowing their virtues and weaknesses, the leaders will be able to use their management skills to influence within their group so that they work with enthusiasm towards the completion of their goals and objectives.

5.   Improved communication

The activities encourage communication and integration between the different areas and members with an organization.

6.   Improved work environment

In identifying how teamwork functions within a work environment, it can be much more favorable as they will develop organizational skills.  

7.   Creativity

Improvement in communication and in teamwork, increments creativity in individuals.

8.   Orientated solutions

Working on fictional conflicts improves wit reaction when facing under pressure situations, change or conflicts that can arise. This way stress will be better managed and focus will be upon solutions.

In conclusion, it is really easy to lose the connection between the work team, goals accomplishment, and productivity begin to decrease. Motivation to work is less and people dissatisfaction is more.

This is why it is necessary that team leaders, as well as its members, find ways to improve their interpersonal relations and consequently the company’s productivity.

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