Corporate Christmas, what Rincon de Puembo offers

Sharing time between coworkers can help improve solidarity, trust, and teamwork.

As is customary every year on Christmas Eve, one of the most recurring events is business dinners that allow you to break the monotony of the office. A corporate dinner can be a good time to improve communication and strengthen relationships that improve the working environment.

In an office environment, it can be difficult for employees to find time to develop new skills and get to know each other better, which is why these types of business events improve social relationships, build trust, and contribute to conflict resolution. All this will be reflected in an improvement in organizational productivity, very important in daily work.

However, finding the right place to celebrate dinner or meeting is not always an easy task, and it is even more complicated when looking for a more complete event but not all places have options that cover all the activities that could be performed.

You need a place that has enough space for people who attend, with good location, extra activities complementary to dinner and of course, they have excellent service.

To make the business meeting a pleasant experience for your entire team, we suggest these tips that will allow you to achieve your goal:

Plan ahead

Dates near the event, just like your company, a large number of companies will start to organize their Christmas dinners, for this reason, it is important to start with enough time in advance to not miss the opportunity to make your corporate dinner in a dream place.

Define an appropriate date and time that are consistent with your company calendar. Usually, dinner lasts 2 to 3 hours, so it is advisable to plan the start and end time. This will prevent guests from eating quickly or getting bored between courses, but they will also enjoy the event to the fullest.

Define thematic

The selected place, the dinner decoration, the menu, the animation make up the theme for the event, essential to take into account whether it is a formal or informal event. For example, an informal Christmas dinner will probably require bite-sized snacks that guests can eat while they talk, while a formal Christmas dinner will need a greater focus on the food served on the table and its decoration.

Plan the menu

The menu should be a priority at the beginning of the event planning to allow sufficient time to make corrections as necessary.

Food is one of the aspects that determine how to organize a Christmas dinner, to avoid last-minute setbacks.

Include later entertainment

Offering some kind of entertainment during dinner helps maintain the right atmosphere to give people an injection of energy when needed.

Although Christmas dinner is a good idea to strengthen employees’ ties with the company, it is advisable to offer attendees more than just food and drink. The occasion can be used to carry out some team building activities, such as a dance or singing contest, a magic show or an award to the collaborators.

With these aspects to consider for your business event will definitely be a topic to talk about until the next Christmas dinner, for this reason hiring a package with different options can be a good way to improve the experience of the attendees.

If you prefer to avoid the pressure that the organization of this type of event can generate, it is always important to have the advice of professionals, who know how to handle events of any kind and who will provide the solution to any requirement you have in mind.

For Rincon de Puembo it is important to encourage fellowship in different and fun ways, without neglecting the Christmas dinner tradition, incorporating elements that can only be found in our facilities.

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