5 tips to make your next business trip a success

Business trips are becoming more frequent around the world. On the contrary of tourism trips, business trips require more responsibility and a deeper organization before embarking on the route.  

Most business trips are made to establish new alliances for the company, close deals or define projects, bad organization can lead to a real failure.

There are many details to be considered before going on your business trip, but the following are the most important to take into account before the meeting.


The most important detail after the plane ticket (obviously). After an exhausting day full of long walks, meetings, talks, negotiations and more, the best decision is to get to a place where you can rest comfortably. A hotel is the best card you can play given the facilities offered by most of them: room service, restaurants, business center and more.


Internet connection nowadays is almost as important as electricity. To send emails, download documents, video conferences and more, wireless internet is vital.


Before leaving on the trip is important to do a medical check-up to avoid having any kind of problem during the meeting. Also, is important to take with you some medicine, mainly for stomach aches or the flu, these are important because when traveling we are exposed to different type of food and weather


Private transportation for business trips is the best option mainly because of punctuality factor. Mobile applications for taxi services have been growing more and more, but besides this it is important to take into account the transfer to the airport for the connection with your destination.


Another factor that can improve your business trip experience. For this type of trips, the best option is light luggage. We recommend to pack things that are really necessary so you won’t carry a heavy bag that cause you problems. Leave the things you won’t need at home.

Budget for enjoyment

When you travel to another city or country you will surely be attacked by the desire to do some tourism and visit parks or museums. That’s why it is important to save some money for transfers, tickets and souvenirs.

If you are planning a business trip, in Rincon de puembo BW Signature Collection we offer our installations. We have:

  • 2 Restaurants
  • 24 Hour Check-in
  • Business center
  • Unlimited wifi
  • Comfortable rooms
  • Airport Shuttle

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